Ericksonian Alternatives for Hypnotic Healing of Trauma and PTSD

Ericksonian Hypnotic Healing class and course healing of Trauma and PTSD hypnosis live training classes and workshops

To Be Announced: St. Louis, Mo

A clinical psychologist ,John Edgette has authored several books on the
applications of the unique approach of the late Milton Erickson M.D. with
hypnotherapy. Dr.Edgette lectures internationally on using hypnosis in therapy.
This class is designed for professionals in the fields of Medicine,
Mental Health,Social Work or Ministry . CEUs

Ericksonian Alternatives for Hypnotic Healing of Trauma and PTSD:
Day One

  1. Unique Qualities of the Ericksonian Approach
  2. Three Ericksonian Inductions
  3. Erickson Self-Hypnosis -A Fail Safe Generative Intervention
  4. Simple and Effective Ways to Teach the Art of Giving Oneself Suggestions
  5. Futuring the Imaging for Gtowth and Transformation :Age Progression in Hypnosis
  6. Helping Clients to Change with Storytelling and Metaphors

Ericksonian Hypnotic Healing Trauma Model, EHHTM:
Day Two

  1. Myths and Realities Regarding Hypnosis and Emotional ,Physical ,and Sexual Trauma
  2. From Victim to Survivor to Thrivor: Hypnotic Empowerment of the Client
  3. The 3 Essentials to Communicate in Hypnosis for PTSD
  4. The ONE Critical Thing Never to Do in Hypnosis for PTSD
  5. SAFE/SECURE/SUCCESSFUL Age Regression to Foster Recover
  6. Using the EHHTM for Life’s Everyday Traumas

Must be licensed or approved by virtue of advanced training or education to attend.

Instructors: John Edgette Psy,D. and William Mitchell, M. Div.

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